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Precurio Intranet Solution

Intranet Software works with your users, infrastructure, requirements AND within your budget

Intranet Software You can Redesign and Customise – Precurio Intranet Solution

Simple, Affordable and Open. That’s what makes us the intranet choice of small and medium sized companies everywhere. From easy to use collaboration and content management tools, to business automation and forms approval features, Precurio is the perfect blend of excellent quality and price. Combined with our swift technical support and services, it is easy to see why Precurio is becoming the Intranet of choice for IT managers.

Intranet solution that is affordable, easy to deploy, and just works.

Precurio works with your users, works with your infrastructure, works with your requirements AND works with your budget.

Workforce Collaboration

Create, discuss, Share; these are the basics of collaboration and we have gone back to these basics. With collaboration tools such as events manager, tasks manager, company forums, project workspaces, instant messaging and many more; Precurio is uniquely suited to jump-start your internal collaborative efforts.

The Paperless Office

Reducing as much paper and manual process as possible is the dream of every technologist. This is because, reducing paper work is synonymous with improved business processes and more efficient ways of working. With Precurio’s simple workflow designer and approval system, we can help you achieve this dream.

Documents Management

Where are all business critical document stored? On laptops or external drives? How do users get the latest version of a document? Who manages the documents generated by a particular department? How do users share documents amongst each other? Precurio documents manager can help you with the right answers.

System Requirements:
Works with your server infrastructure

  • WIndows
  • Linux
  • Unix
  • PHP
  • MySQL & Microsoft SQL


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