Convert, edit, share, and collaborate on PDFs ABBYY FineReader

The smarter PDF solution – Convert, edit, share, and collaborate on PDFs and scans in the digital workplace.

What is ABBYY FineReader?

ABBYY FineReader is a versatile PDF tool which empowers information workers to efficiently manage documents in the digital workplace. It harnesses ABBYY’s AI-based OCR technology to make it easier to digitize, retrieve, edit, protect, share, and collaborate on all kinds of documents in the modern working world.

FineReader PDF empowers professionals to maximize efficiency in the digital workplace. Featuring ABBYY’s latest AI-based OCR technology, FineReader makes it easier to digitize, retrieve, edit, protect, share, and collaborate on all kinds of documents in the same workflow. Now information workers can focus even more on their expertise and less on administrative tasks.

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ABBYY FineReader PDF

document processes

Optimize document processes

Digitize, retrieve, edit, protect, share, and collaborate on all kinds of documents in one workflow.

work with PDF files

Make the most of PDFs

Edit digital and scanned PDFs with a newfound ease: correct whole sentences and paragraphs or even adjust the layout.

digital document workflow

Digitize the document workflow

Incorporate paper documents into a digital workplace with AI-based OCR technology to simplify daily work.

volume discounts on PDF and OCR tools

Streamline IT costs

Benefit from one-time payment and progressive volume discounts to maximize the impact across your organization.

universal PDF solution

Standardize software assets

Deploy one PDF solution throughout your organization to ensure multiple stakeholders can collaborate smoothly.

FineReader licensing

Simplify license management

Lower IT workload with automated deployment and straightforward license management.

ABBYY FineReader Key features

Edit and organize PDFs Work with any document, whether digital by origin or digitized, in the same efficient manner. Access and edit texts, tables, and the entire layout of a PDF without additional conversion steps.

Compare documents in different formats (FineReader Corporate only) Quickly identify differences between two versions of a document, even if one or both documents are non-searchable scans. Export changes in an easy overview either as a commented PDF or a Word document with track changes to share and collaborate with others.

Automate digitization and conversion routines (FineReader Corporate only) Take advantage of automation tools to streamline repetitive OCR tasks and to convert multiple documents into searchable PDF and PDF/A documents or into editable formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and more.


Collaborate on and approve PDFs Share ideas, collect feedback from the team, and get documents approved. Use tools to discuss and make decisions directly in a PDF by marking up, commenting on, and drawing within a document.

Create and convert PDFs Convert any format or paper document into a searchable PDF (compliant with the ISO specifications) or convert PDFs into Microsoft® Word and Excel® for advanced editing.

Work easily with a universal PDF tool Enjoy a simple and straight-forward user interface and high-quality results. Increase the efficiency of daily work by reducing the number of applications in use and avoiding duplicate efforts.

Protect and sign PDFs Mitigate security risks when sharing and storing PDFs. Apply and verify digital signatures, redact sensitive information, remove hidden data, and manage access to your PDFs.

Digitize documents and scans with OCR Digitize paper and make scanned documents searchable for storage and quick, reliable retrieval or to instantly reuse and edit. Leverage ABBYY’s market-leading, AI-based OCR technology for the digital workplace.

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