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Best VPN speed performance

A fast internet connection is the cornerstone of multiplayer games — go slow and you’re just free points for your opponents. The very best VPNs manage to protect your data traffic without any noticeable dips in speed. NordVPN happens to provide the fastest VPN experience on the planet, making it the best VPN for gaming.

Gaming on the go

Access your favorite online games from anywhere. Whether you’re traveling in Brazil, France, or Vietnam, you can always check what’s happening in your favorite marketplace, purchase new releases, and download the latest updates. NordVPN can even bring your ping down when you’re abroad, depending on the local ISP’s service restrictions.

Exclusive content

The newest deluxe edition of the game is only available in select countries? Bummer. But hey, don’t worry — our VPN service opens up a world of opportunities for your best online gaming experience. Whether it’s DLC, character skins, or special Pre-Order content, we got you covered. Pick a server in the chosen country and enjoy all of those exclusive perks!

Data traffic security

NordVPN provides state-of-the-art encryption for all of your online traffic. Home Wi-Fi networks can be hacked, but you should be extra careful with public Wi-Fi.

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